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Universal Wellbeing – Sustaining Nature, Culture and Communities

ICCS welcomes you to Mysore, India in 2015!
Block your calendar now for the triennial event hosted by International Center for Cultural Studies, in collaboration with World Congress of Ethnic Religions. The theme of the conference is Universal Wellbeing. The conference will explore how the current era of globalization is influencing inequality, politics, religious freedom and propagating borderless Nations. Previous catalysts for globalization resulted in promotion of certain values like colonial mindset, industrialization and consumerism. The current catalyst is the Web. The conference will deliberate how living ancient cultures can adapt and contribute their wisdom and knowledge and what kind of leadership needs to be promoted to achieve universal wellbeing.

Join 100+ Global Cultures at the Jan-Feb, 2015 meeting!
Like the past four events, the fifth triennial international conference and gathering of Elders will bring together the leaders and scholars of 100+ living ancient cultures. This event will be focused on sharing insights on how to leverage the current globalization trend, access technology tools and build leadership capability within communities to ensure universal wellbeing in the twenty-first century and beyond.

Conference Program Details: Abstracts, Papers, Ceremonies and Registration

The conference will feature the following sessions:

Globalization: Past suggests that every cycle of globalization in human history brings a profound transformation. Those who embrace globalization seem to do better then those who do not. The current cycle is far from mature. The conference will try to investigate how can living ancient communities engage and benefit from this change.

Technology: The power of accessible knowledge may help living ancient cultures leapfrog the incremental development that was characteristic of the industrial era. However, these communities have to realize the power of technological revolution in a way that is smart and collaborative.

Leadership: Ancient cultures have not fully succeeded in communicating their vision of the world. Though partly discrimination and suppression by vested interests is to blame, but significant cause has been lack of support structures to foster leadership in youth, women and inability to fully leverage external support.

Abstract Submission: Submit an abstract of not more than 400 words with sections including, overview/background, primary content and conclusions. The last date for submission of abstracts is Nov 30, 2014. Email ID for submission: abstracts@iccsglobal.org

Paper Submission: Select abstracts will be invited for in-person presentation at the conference. For publication in the conference report, final written papers will be accepted till Nov 30, 2014. Email ID for submission: papers@iccsglobal.org

Ceremonies: Cultural/religious ceremonies deemed suitable for morning session are invited. Proposals will be accepted till Nov 30, 2014. Email ID for submission: ceremony@iccsglobal.org

Registrations: Registration for the conference is now open at www.iccsglobal.org

Registration Fee (includes housing and food from PM of Jan 30, 2015 till Noon of Feb 5, 2015):
Non-members: USD 200
Members and past participants: The registration fee will be waived on receiving written request to info@iccsglobal.org

Housing Information: Accommodations for up to 200 guests will be provided in comfortable group housing and the rest will have to manage their respective boarding in near by hotels.

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